I'm in Love with Flow Magazine

flow magazine

This post is  essentially an ode to a magazine I just discovered recently called Flow magazine. I was initially attracted to this magazine because one of my friends recommended it to me as 'the most Annie magazine ever'. I headed into a local independent magazine shop Ideas on Paper and was persuaded to buy it because I recognised the illustrated cover as a design by a local Nottingham illustrator who I admire, Amy Blackwell .

I now have January and February's issues for this year and I have to admit I am smitten. The magazine's tagline is 'celebrating creativity, imperfection and life's little pleasures'. Which I think is just lovely. It's filled with beautiful spreads on lovely paper, punctuated with stunning lettering and illustrations. I love this magazine even more because it is not just about creativity, it's articles are mostly words of wisdom from their various writers, alongside peeks into artists studio. It makes me feel like I'm learning stuff. It's not just news, or pretty pictures, it's words that are inspiring and wise regardless of whether you are a creative person.

It's a Dutch magazine I believe, so I pick up 'Flow International'.

If you like thick, arty magazines full of lovely stuff, check it out! I for one have found a new source of inspiration! <3

flow magazine