Your Weekly Reminder #23

your weekly reminder

Hello! It's Your Weekly Reminder time again. This weeks reminder is actually one I found. I finally picked up Austin Kleon's book Steal Like an Artist and have just delved into it - so yes, this means it'll be joining my list of books to review - and I'm already loving it. However, this post is not a review of it! This post, is a quote I stole from it. It's like, two pages in and already I am hit by it's awesomeness. Kleon is talking about the ways in which we are original - which is actually kind of the conclusion to the dissertation I'm writing - when he uses this awesomely simple quote "you are the sum of your influences".

It really resonated with me because I feel like as a "young" designer, it is easy to think you are not influenced by anyone in particular. I also hear a lot about how we shouldn't clog our feeds with endless streams of other people's work, for fear of diluting our own style and originality and endlessly comparing ourselves to others. So it's good to hear for once that somebody thinks that influences are important. It encourages us to find valuable inspiration, and realise that we are only as good as our 'research'. Additionally, if we subscribe to Kleon's idea, we can assume that if we all follow the same influences say, perhaps, things always at the top of the feed on pinterest, it's reasonable to assume that our influences will add up to make something similar.

Your reminder this week is to not feel ashamed when taking inspiration from others, and remember that it is an important part of being a creative person. Maybe take some time this week to find someone awesome to influence you and absorb everything you can about them.

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