Ox Pasture Hall Hotel Review

Ox Pasture Hall Review

So last weekend Martin and I took a trip to Scarborough to stay at the lovely Ox Pasture Hall Hotel Scarborough Yorkshire. I was invited to stay the night, with dinner and breakfast, and review my experience here on the blog.

Well, we have been on a travelling roll this year already, so we were hardly going to pass this up. We decided to make a proper trip of it, and headed up on the train on Friday morning to spend the day in nearby Scarborough. The train was a long but simple journey, Nottingham to Sheffield to York to Scarborough. I was excited to be spending time somewhere a little further out in the sticks.

When we arrived in Scarborough, we pretty much got blown away as soon as we stepped out of the station. I guess that's what you get for trying to visit the North during the leftover blizzard that came over from the US. I promptly abandoned my hat and resigned myself to the 'windswept' look. On the windiest day ever, we obviously elected to head straight for the seaside because, logic. Still, I wanted to get a good look at the sea, and talking about the same-old-highstreet shopping hardly makes for compelling blog writing! We took a pretty little cobble stone slope down to the beach. The beach was beautiful, wide and smooth, with a very gentle ripple of tide despite the ridiculous wind. It was also very quiet, which again, is I suppose what you get for going to a seaside town on a weekday in January. Still, it was pretty peaceful, and we were more there for the pretty views than the nostalgia of the 70s-esque arcades and candy shops. Said pretty views didn't disappoint. We headed as close to the beautiful lighthouse as we dared - the wind felt like we could get swept over into the sea at any point!

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When we had braved as far as it felt safe to, we headed back to the main strip, and strolled towards Scarborough castle. We were disappointed to find it closed on a weekday, but we also thought that though the views would likely be majestic from the hilltop castle, the weather mean it was probably safer to view it from the safety of the ground! Instead, we followed the road that wound along the coastline, beneath the castle, and let the wind push us along as we gazed out at the endless expanse of blue sea. Really beautiful! We walked so far that we almost reached the next beach over, and that's when we decided we were cold, and wanted to head over to the hotel! We grabbed a taxi from Scarborough station to the hotel (which only cost us £8) to check in, warm up, and get ready for dinner.

Ox Pasture Hall Review Ox Pasture Hall Review Ox Pasture Hall Review Ox Pasture Hall Review

The hotel sits at the edge of the Yorkshire Moors, and I was delighted to find that it is surrounded for miles by fields and trees and winding roads. Zen. The hotel has an cottagey vibe, and is all on the ground floor, a big change to the type of hotel I am used to. We were met at the reception by the very friendly general manager, and showed to our luxury suite. I was super excited to be getting a room with a sepeate 'living room' area. Fancy. Though it was note entirely my taste of furnishings and decor, the room was immaculate and modern, no chips or stains to ruin the experience, and the bed linen was crisp, white and fresh, and seemed to be pretty newly renovated. I also appreciated that there was a proper, luxurious duvet, not a mixture of sheets and blankets like some hotels go for. In winter, I want a proper duvet! The bed, also, was so comfy, and much more comfortable than my one at home. The bath was incredibly deep and big, and I was excited to try it out later! We took a moment to relax, put our stuff down, anded then headed out to get a look at the grounds, and take in some views!

Ox Pasture Hall Review Ox Pasture Hall Review

The 'grounds' featured a pretty little pond, and seating area that looked like a nice place to have drinks in the summer, as well as views of the surrounding nature in all directions. Inside, we snooped on the dining room, and had a brief look around the lounge area, but after some weird looks from the ladies who watched my try to take a photo of the log burner, we decided to scurry off back to the room. The sitting rooms felt more 'authentic' to the cottage-vibe, but in some places felt a little dated. The sofas-by-the-fire that were also strategically places by the bar were great, but there were a few rugs, and a gas fire that felt a little old. Still, it wasn't terrible, an all part of an honest review! We headed back to the room to spend some time curled up on our sofa watching E4 (you don't know how much of a luxury being able to watch TV is when you're a student with no money for a license!) and iron the clothes we were wearing to dinner.

We arrived at dinner at 6, which was perhaps a little early as we started off as the only ones there! However, this actually ended up being pretty cool, as we were suprised with a bottle of prosecco and a tasting menu, which kind of made it feel like we had our own personal waiters. Despite being a seriously fussy eater, I sampled everything and was so surprised by how much of it I enjoyed. We were treated to a huge selection, my favourites being the Monkfish (shock horror - fish is my nenemisis but I actually enjoyed it!) the Ratatouille, the passion fruit and whisky sorbet and the chocolate fondant. I didn't take pictures of the food, so you will have to take my word for it that it was chic, high quality and tasty. It was probably one of my favourite parts of the stay.

Ox Pasture Hall Review Ox Pasture Hall Review Ox Pasture Hall Review Ox Pasture Hall Review Ox Pasture Hall Review

We then headed back to the room to recover from the amount of food we had eaten, test out the amazing bath, and watch TV from bed. Bliss. Breakfast the next morning was your standard continental-and-cooked selection, so naturally I had both. The Yorkshire breakfast was delicious, but as a Midlander I was veru disappinted to not have beans! Most of the contiental goods were branded, the croissants were tasty, but the Orange juice was from concentrate! Still, we fuelled up and went for one last look around. We had hoped to find a walking trail to get some awesome shots from a little further into the Yorkshire moors, but we confused and wandering around on country roads, so we retreated back to the hotel, vowed to do the moors properly when we had a car, and grabbed a taxi back to Scarborough. Whilst in Scarborough - busier and less windy now! - we shuffled about in the sunshine and grabbed some customary fish-and-chips for lunch. We gave a bit more time to wandering around the shopping area, and discovered some pretty little shops and some cosy coffee shops, before heading back to the station. We were lucky to have open return tickets, so we took advantage of them and stopped by York and Sheffield on the way home!

Ox Pasture Hall Review Ox Pasture Hall Review