Your Weekly Reminder #22

your weekly reminder

So you're all probably well aware (I talk about it enough) that I'm in my third year at uni, and it has driven most people I know (on my course, obviously) into a mild frenzy because this year matters and if it all goes wrong we've had it. During one of these panics, I learned something that should be obvious, but it's not always, so I'm sharing it here as a Your Weekly Reminder. 

DO. WHAT. YOU. WANT.  I know, it seems so simple and obvious. Duh - I'm already doing what I want - I'm training to paint pictures of plants or whatever for a living. But, I think sometimes we can get stupidly wrapped up in what we think other people want or what we think we should be doing. I know I have often wondered this year if I'm making something 'groundbreaking' enough to get a 1st, or to get a place at New Designers, but how dumb is that? Yes push yourself to be original and do good work, but let's not curate your work - in the year that really matters - to what you think people think it should be. 

Then there are times when I've been thinking 'awesome! yeah! I'm totally just doing what I want' - and it wasn't until I got some feedback at uni that told me I was still seeking permission for my work that I realised I wasn't, really, doing what I wanted. I was still separating 'fun work' and 'side projects' from 'uni work'.  And it was stopping me from being able to really 'get going' with these projects. But again, how dumb is that? The work that matters should be fun too. And so I embarked in the new year on a project that is just simply doing exactly what I want. I'll worry about how it fits in with New Designers and 1sts and Degree shows later - what's important is that I'm making work that is me and is what I want to do.

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