Your Weekly Reminder #20

your weekly reminder Whoa! I've finally reached number Twenty of the Your Weekly Reminder series. What appropriate timing for this week's subject matter. Here's a time-old but simple one for you this week: practice practice practice. I've written and thought about the word 'practise' so much that it now looks weird and doesn't sound like a word, and I was also very confused about practice vs practise for a while.

So, yeah! Practise, kind of an obvious one, but sometimes you just need reminding, right? I have been terrible with practise over New Years, so I need to just jump in instead of feeling sorry for myself and expecting to magically get better. I'm hoping to start up little sketchbooks again - for actual fun, non-business, non-uni, practise-related reasons. Lord knows I have enough blank ones kicking around.

How are you practising this week?

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