Your Weekly Reminder #19

your weekly reminder  

Hey people! So January is well under way, and I'm back to working away on lots of stuff again. Taking a break over the holidays has been great, a good way to recharge, eat, relax and take stock. I'm in the New Year mood of reorganising and planning for the few months. But though I had lots of time to relax over the holiday, I also had lots of time to browse the web, which, although it is one of my favourite things to do, it can also breed a lot of self doubt, so I'm talking about that today in your weekly reminder.

There are a lot of fantastic illustrators around the world and a lot of them are floating around on the internet. I think it's natural as creative people to want to follow all the magical and inspiring creatives we stumble across online, and I'm totally cool with that. I do it a lot - whenever I find someone I wish I was as good as, I immediately hit the follow button. Most of the time, it is a moment of 'ugh, goals' and a promise to one day get that good. But sometimes, particularly when you are overwhelmed with it, it can spill over into a sense of doubt.

I can go from 'I wish I was that good' to 'I will never be that good' in a matter of seconds, and go spiralling off into a load of thoughts about whether I should even be an illustrator or not. As well as this, I have also hesitated before over whether I should instagram/share/purchase another illustrator's work, particularly if it's similar to my own. I mean, it makes sense: why would I give people an opportunity to like someone else's work better than my own?

But this is why I think this reminder is important: appreciating others' work, does not bring yours down. It doesn't matter how wonderful someone is, it doesn't make yours any less wonderful. I think it's important to remind ourselves of this fact whenever we feel lacking, and instead try to focus on practice, and developing ourselves. We should feel more comfortable with appreciating the work of others, and develop some confidence in our own work.

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