Your Weekly Reminder #18

your weekly reminder Hey! I'm back, with another well-timed 'Your Weekly Reminder'. I hope you all had awesome new years and aren't too miserable at the prospect of the end of Christmas and the 6 months of winter still ahead. ;) I thought that this reminder would be pretty timely, too. The start of the new year should be full of excitement for what we can achieve this year, but it's also a a great opportunity to look back and take stock of how far we have already come. 

I know it's kind of an obvious one, but I don't think we do it enough. I think its important to recognise that we have actually improved significantly when we look back to where we were this time last year.  If you actually consider where you were at this time last year, I bet you will be pretty impressed with yourself.

Last year, I was worried about what I wanted to do with my course, not sure of an illustration style and hugely doubting myself. I was using watercolour, and hadn't even discovered gouache yet, and all I had experimented with painting was portraits of made up women. My blog was shaky and grappling with being a fashion, lifestyle and creative blog, as well as a million other things.

When I look back: hell yeah, I have come so far. Since then, I have started an online business, developed some semblance of an illustrative style, discovered the niche for my blog, and am full of ideas for new projects.

So use this 'fresh start' to remind yourself how much you have already achieved, and inspire yourself to make the same leaps an bounds again this year.

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