6 Plants Every House-Jungle Should Have

house plants Hi, my name is Annie and I am addicted to plants. I'm sure if you know me in real life/have been to my house/follow me on instagram, you will be aware of this. Currently, I have 3 windowsills available to me. They all have plants on. And I have plants on shelves near windows, and I have pictures of plants on my homewares, and stuck on my walls. But lets be honest, other than, like, a green smoothie addiction, this has got to be the healthiest addiction ever. (Except for my bank account, maybe.) I've talked before about why you should keep plants so I'm not going to spend this post persuading you again. This is for those of you already sold on the wonderfulness of plants, but either need to start collecting, or are like me and need an excuse to get more. So, here's a list of 6 plants every house-jungle should have.

house plants

house plants

house plants 1. Cacti

Cacti are the coolest ever. They need very little maintenance - watering once a week or so and then even less over the winter months. These are great for lazy/forgetful people (like me) because even if you forget to water them for a week they will survive and even if you only water them when you remember they are living that need sustenance, they're still going to make it. Also, cacti are just awesome, you can stupidly adorable little tiny ones, or those awesome huge guys to decorate a corner of your home.

2. Succulents

See: Cacti, but also, succulents have an even fonder place in my heart than Cacti. They look even cooler and come in millions of little weird and wonderful varieties. Succulents seem to grow a little faster than cacti so they are generally a little more rewarding, particularly as they generally have "leaves" of some description. It gives me a great deal of satisfaction to see my lovingly cultivated succulent has sprouted a new baby. Speaking of babies, you can also propagate succulents, which means more plant for your money. Hell yeah, greenery.

4. A Rainforest Plant 

My most favourite being the Monstera Deliciosa, or the Swiss Cheese plant. These are great because they need way less light - they're used to being shaded by the huge trees of the rainforest. They even have specially adapted leaves to make sure that the bottom leaves get some light too, awesome. I just keep mine (his name is Chlauss) on a shelf near-ish a window, and he has been happy there. He needs a little more water than succulents (ehh, the clue is kind of in the word RAINforest plant) but the best thing ever is he adds a glorious pop of greenery to my white walls, and one day he will grow to a huge size with big rainforesty leaves and make my house into the true jungle it was always destined to be.

5. Herbs

PLANTS YOU CAN EAT, without the hassle of rearing carrots or lettuce or whatever. Fresh herbs are the absolute best in cooking, and what's the point in having a sachet of wilting basil leaves in your fridge when you can have one on your windowsill working tirelessly to turn sunshine into delicious pasta flavouring. I personally adore Basil, not only because it's great with tomatoes, but because it wilts like crazy. I know that sounds like everything you could possibly not want in a plant, but hear me out. Basil wilts within like, one day of not-watering, but if you water it again, it springs back into life! This is awesome because you don't have to live with the shame of murdering a plant, but it reminds you daily that plants need water to live, and helps you get into a plant-watering habit. Sounds good to me. Mostly, for herbs, I buy one from the supermarket and then re-pot it into a bigger pot, because the ones they come in tend to be a bit crap, leak everywhere, and they don't seem to last very long in their original pots.


Ahh, glorious bamboo, the one you are tempted by every time you look in IKEA's plant section because it's so twisty and dreamy and awesome. Well, correct, it is awesome. I have never actually bought a bamboo plant, I just keep inheriting them. Two were gifts from my mum once she realised I had inherited her plant obsession, and the other I rescued from the dark depths of Martin's light-less former bedroom, and I haven't had the heart to return it. Bamboo doesn't even need to be planted. I have one sitting in soil, one sitting in a slice of sponge and another perched on some rocks inside a vase. All I do is fill up their containers if they are looking low, and leave them be. They sit in my bathroom in the window because I figure they are from Asia and so probably could do with the humidity. This is a great way to add some plant life to the bathroom, particularly as bamboo is such a bright, fresh green, and it keeps things looking lovely and clean.


So, now I have revealed how lame-ly excited I can get about plants. Let me know what you think, and if you would add any others to this list! (and also, please comment if you also love plants so that I don't feel like such a weirdo)