How to Stay Organised

how to stay organised

Some of my friends and family will probably have clicked on the title of this post with a mix of incredulity and amusement. If you know me well, you will probably know that I have never really been an organised person - I have the best of intentions, a love of organising boxes, dividers, diaries, calendars and to-do lists, but I still have a brain like a sieve.

But this is why I think I am actually a useful person to tell you how to stay organised. Starting up a business and coming into my third year of uni, having any semblance of organisation has been vital. So, I thought I would share my tips for how to stay organised.

Get a Diary: I use this one that I got from Paperways after a recommendation from Sophie. I love it because the week is laid out over a double page, like a timetable, so that each day has it's own dedicated row, and each row is split into colums (creating handy little boxes) this is insanely helpful to me because I can separate each day into various 'blocks' of things I have to do that day. I also keep the second 'column' for blog, so I always know at a glance what is coming up next on the blog.

My issue with diaries used to be that I forgot to use them and look at them, but since life has got so busy, I completely depend on it. All it really took was some initial motivation to write everything down in there and now I use it without having to think. I have found it really helpful to see this 'weekly overview' and be able to keep everything in one place, and been insanely useful in helping me stay organised.

To Do Lists: I designed my own To Do list pad which is generally what I use to keep track of things I need to get done! I usually use it in conjunction with my little diary - if I can see that I have three blog posts to write next week in my diary, I can easily add that to my to-do list, and well, nothing beats the satisfaction of ticking them off once I have. Even before I had to be organised, I have had a strong love affair with To-Do lists.

A Goals Book: I find this really useful when setting business goals and whilst I don't look at it every day, it is useful to have something physical to refer to, and is also another means ticking some satisfying little boxes once you've reached them. I am all for that moment of satisfaction, I think it really helps us concrete that feeling of accomplishment and makes us want to reach even further.

Google Keep: I think it's probably becoming clear that I am a great lover of writing stuff down on paper, but I also love Google's 'Keep' app. It is essentially like a free Evernote type application that you can get with all Google products, and is basically like a big scrolling feed of tick-off-able to-do lists or notes pages, and I use these for constantly accessible things like 'blog post ideas' 'shopping list' and other things that I won't remember if I wait until I'm near a piece of paper.

It's a pretty simple list of things, but that's why it works for me. I only really have to remember to put a maximum of two things in my bag, and it's only one of two places to refer to. What methods do you use to stay organised, and what are your best tips?