Your Weekly Reminder #17

your weekly reminder

Wow! There's been a lot of reminders around here recently haven't there! And, a lot of brush lettering. It's time to do some actual painting and photographing soon I think? Anyway, here's Your Weekly Reminder this week.

It’s boxing day. I hope you had a great Christmas but even if you didn’t that’s okay. Firstly, you’re probably wondering, 'what is she playing at, posting on boxing day?' Well, I am quite loyal to my weekly reminders (except when i’m being completely useless, ha!) and I actually thought that the Christmas period was a perfect time to crack out this reminder.

I have, of course, scheduled this post and will probably be asleep at the time this goes live, which is actually my point. Today’s reminder is to take a break. I created these weekly reminders to remind creatives like me to keep plugging away at what they do, and provide encouragement and reassurance to not give up, and to keep the faith, but everybody needs a break, to reset and recharge. Maybe use this holiday period to take a little break and recover, or at least find time to carve out a little break for yourself.

Give yourself the room to accept that you have worked hard, and you deserve to step away from it for a short time.

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