Your Weekly Reminder #16

your weekly reminder  

Hey everyone. How are we all? I hope everyone is excited for Christmas. It feels like it has flown by and also like it has been Christmas forever. It's been my first year doing Christmas as a small business and it has been terrifying and exciting and rewarding and confusing. But I'm back! With another Weekly Reminder for you all.

I know that I've been super absent from this blog for a little while - I had so many awesome Christmas blog plans, but then life comes along and presents you with a laptop that won't turn on, two consecutive cough/colds and a wisdom tooth infection, and sometimes you have to just throw up your hands and accept that you can't do it all. (Hey, this would make a neat reminder in itself, look out for that one in January ;)) I started off feeling a little guilty for it, but honestly, I was relieved to just look after myself and worry about what was happening right now.

But this brings me to this week's reminder. I still very dearly love my blog, and I miss it so much when I am gone. I am always full of little bubbly ideas to share with people who like to read it, and I'm longing for the days when I'll have a bit more time to work on it, and a bit less coursework to worry about. So, here I am, getting back on the wagon. I know it's an old one and a well known one, but it's true.

It's so easy to let things get pushed to the back of your mind and forgotten about, but if you're wanting to further your creativity, all that is important is that you get back on the wagon. I am looking at other illustrator's feeds buzzing with awesome blog posts, beautiful Instagram pictures and immaculately scheduled tweets that are working like crazy to make the most of the christmas period, and it makes me notice how much of that I didn't (or couldn't) do for various reasons. It's easy to get disheartened, but I have learned a lot from that 'absence' and realised what I need to do to make things work next year. And I slaved over a hot sketchbook, typed out a post at 3am and here I am, jumping back on the wagon.

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