My Christmas Wrapping this year

christmas wrapping Hey everyone! How is it going? I can't believe it is almost Christmas. Mine will be a quiet one this year, without my siblings, but as wrapping gifts is one of my favourite things, and I had designed some of my own wrapping paper this year, I thought I would share what my giftwrapping will look like this year. I used my own custom wrapping paper, some olive green ribbon and my own printable christmas gift tags. I am constantly torn between the super dreamy, highly patterned festive paper with a big bow, versus the super-minimal 'parcel paper wrapped with only some white twine and a chic little label' look. I feel like I may have found something of a middle ground here.


I love the look of those pinterest-y giftwrap pictures that have sprigs of pine and mistletoe and other festive greenery placed in them, but in the spirit of keeping things not squelchy and mouldy, I found some pretty berry sprig decorations in habitat, made of wire, which I split up into their singular 'sprigs' and stuck them under the bows. I really love how they look and I'm pretty proud of them this year!

I also generally go to the effort of putting some of the weirder shaped gifts into a gift box as IΒ hate crinkly wrapping paper, so this way I pretty much ensure that I can get some nice, crisp corners on everything, and have my gifts look picture perfect.

How are you wrapping yours this year?