Your Weekly Reminder #13

your weekly reminder

Hey everyone. So I'm finally back with a Your Weekly Reminder, I've been slackin' over the past few weeks. I'm still really trying to find my rhythm balancing the shop, the blog, instagram (etc) and Uni. I got a whole loads of blog photos taken the other day though, so I'm hoping for a little more regularity over here if there's a little more scheduling involved.

Today I wanted to talk about a thing that I do a lot: over-booking yourself. I am one of those dreadful people who can't say no to anything. It's not always bad - I think it's great to take advantage of every opportunity, but it means some times (a lot of the time) I overload myself with things-to-do: online courses and classes, illustrations, blog posts, fairs, until I'm panicking that I will never get it all done. Not exactly fun, anymore.

But somehow, even when we are drowning in all the stuff we committed to, we always manage it. This week I wanted to remind you that, you can get it all done. I know it's not advisable to overload yourself all the time based on the idea that you can do it - that will run you into the ground - but sometimes when it hits us how much we have to do, we want to throw up our hands and say ' I can't do it all'.

Well, here's your friendly reminder that you will get through it. And maybe don't book up your week so much next time. ;)

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