New In: Nifty To-Do List

brush lettered to do list pad Hey everyone! Just a short one today. I wanted to share a cute new product that is now live in my shop - just in time for Christmas!

I have been deliberating on this design for a long time, and after sharing it with my newsletter subscribers on Sunday first, I am finally sharing the new goodies with the world, for all to purchase! ;)

Introducing my first notepad design: a 'To -Do' List Notepad featuring my hand lettered type! As well as a charming title, each page has a ruled 'task' section and a very satisfying checkbox for completed tasks. In contrast to the flouncy title, I left the other sections nice and understated.

hand lettered to do list notepad

I love these kinds of pads as I am notorious for writing out a 'rough' list and then copying out the 'proper' one all neatly and in the correct hierarchy. Maybe I am just odd, but it's the way my brain works.

I also love that the peelable pages means I can just take one sheet out with me to the shops/uni etc and tuck it into my diary without getting the whole thing grubby in my bag.

Let me know what you think, and head over to my shop to grab one of your own!