My Favourite Podcasts For Creatives

Hi Everyone! So today I thought I would just share my favourite podcasts that I like to listen to, mostly when working, to fill the silence when I'm super concentrating. I love Podcasts for this as I am one of those almost-too-busy, terrified-of-wasted-time types. I get that kick of feeling like I am killing two birds with one stone - Illustrating or brainstorming or planning or whatever it is that I'm doing, whilst absorbing information at the same time. Hell yeah for multitasking.

After the Jump - A cool radio show recorded into Podcasts by the talented lady behind Design*Sponge interviewing creatives about their journeys. Super fascinating and a great way to discover inspiring creatives outside of your niche.

Make It Happen - A podcast run by the fantastic Jen Carrington for Creative business owners. Full of inspiration and amazing advice.

Sleepy Teatime - Ok, maybe don't listen to this one whilst working! But this cute podcast by Femsplain founder Amber is designed to help you relax or maybe even drift off to sleep. Perfect when your head is spinning with ideas.