Your Weekly Reminder #11

your weekly reminder I love making these posts. Sometimes I realise with a terror that I have gotten to Friday without making it yet, but I do love making them. It's actually a handy. weekly chance to practice my hand lettering now, which I think is the method I'm settling with at the moment for these reminders.

Anyway, I'm writing this week's Your Weekly Reminder super promptly, and it's because I attended a public lecture the other day and it was super helpful and inspiring. You may have seen it on my instagram, it was a lecture that is a monthly event here in Nottingham called Raw Print. It's organised in conjunction with the University, and invites people to come and listen to magazine editors, contributors, etc share their magazine-based knowledge, inspiration and expertise. Maybe I should dedicate a whole post to one next time. Still, we were listening to Les Jones of Elsie Magazine talking about getting started.

Obviously, I couldn't help but be interested in this topic, it felt so relative to these weekly reminders! One of his points that I loved was - 'don't listen to anyone!' It seems an odd point to make, but his reasoning was, when you talk about your ideas, people, good-naturedly add to them, make suggestions, suggest improvements. He said that you don't think of these things, but then feel like you ought to be, then you get confused, and never get started.

I thought it was a great little 'mantra' to keep in mind as a creative, so here it is as a Weekly Reminder for me to pass onto you.

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