Your Weekly Reminder #10

your weekly reminder Hey everyone! Yup, the blog has been super quite this week, sorry about that. It got to Sunday and I suddenly realised Uni started the next day. For the first week of uni, I chose to prioritise my uni work. They threw a one week project at us on the first day! Crisis. Luckily, I'm catching up and should be more on the blog-game next week.

Anyway, despite this, I managed to make a little time to post a Your Weekly Reminder for you this week.

I have been thinking of posting this one for a while. Isn't it funny how we worry so much about whether our work is current, whether we're cool and whether we've worked out what will be the new 'pineapples' (or succulents/flamingos/sausage dogs/copper and concrete/etc) will be, and be the first to do it.

But here's the thing. We need to stop worrying about that stupid stuff. You're already cool. It's dumb to sit around waiting for the right moment, the right trend. If you're already doing stuff, you're already doing something cool, and there will be people who love what you do.

When I started up my shop, I thought "well, I'll just keep making stuff and adding it to the shop, and one day my work will get good enough to be cool enough for someone to buy it". And then one day I turned around and thought "what the hell, me? Your work is cool already. It'll just be a different kind of cool as you progress as a designer."

It has helped me have a lot more confidence in my abilities, and helped me view myself as more of a business, rather than just a person drawing on the internet. My first few sales helped to affirm that I am cool, especially when people bought my products full price from my new range, but for those of you who are concerned about your ability, this post is for you.

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