You Don't Have to Write an EBook

you don't have to write an ebook

Hey everyone. So today I thought I would share on a topic that you have probably guessed from the title of the post. It's about ebooks and it isn't about ebooks.

First off, I have to start by saying: I love ebooks. I have bought ebooks before and I think that there are lots of wonderful bloggers who produce a wealth of fascinating content in ebook form all the time. I think it's wonderful that in this day and age, anyone with useful knowledge can compile it in a place, save it as a pdf and make it available for download somewhere online, usually for a minimal fee. This is absolutely not a dig at ebooks or business bloggers or ebook writers, etc.

It's funny because my boyfriend Martin is now absolutely sick of the work ebook. To him, 'ebook' is the dreaded word uttered in every podcast, webinar and blog post that I follow avidly. Usually played out loud in the same room as him, much to his annoyance. He barely even knows what they're for or what's in them, but he despises them, lol.

I think we can get a little obsessed ebooks and their creators. The "business bloggers" (I use quotes for that phrase because I don't want to group everyone who shares content of this variety under one banner) who create them are often one of the few types of bloggers who are truly transparent. I know when I first discovered business 'advice' blogs, I could hardly believe that people know all this stuff, and they are just going right on ahead and telling us. For free. I think we can definitely get enamoured with these kind of bloggers. Which is good, definitely. They have loads of wisdom and knowledge and, well value and they deserve the hype.

you don't have to write an ebook

However, they do tend to have their specific audiences. I find that this kind of content is very helpful for people who are marketing their knowledge, their experience and their secrets. A lot of these bloggers preach the importance of mailing lists, ebooks, webinars, workbooks, courses, email series, etc. (this is what I meant by it being about ebooks and not about ebooks, btw. Ebooks are a good example, but this kind of content is under one banner) And I think for me, these kinds of posts were initially, very confusing.

People who write ebooks tend to know a lot about something. They've been running a successful business for 10 years, or a successful blog, or they are super good at calligraphy, or whatever. They have loads of wisdom to share. When I first started keeping up with these kind of blogs, I felt like everyone was telling me I needed to write an ebook (or a course, a webinar, etc) to be successful. I was worrying because I don't have anything to write an ebook about now. I haven't got a successful business yet. I don't know all the ins-and-outs of Calligraphy.

Then I realised, I wasn't trying to be an infopreneur. I was an illustrator.

I wasn't trying to sell my knowledge. I was selling my artwork. First and foremost. Why was I worrying about making ebooks about brush lettering when I'm still learning it myself.

I recently took a step back from these kind of blogs. I still love them, I still think the creators of them are stunningly helpful, insightful and useful. I still read them. But I had to realise that writing an ebook was not the priority here, and I think once you get immersed in that world, it's hard to realise that you don't have to.

If you want to, then sure! I want to be good enough at something to be able to impart it to others at some point. I heard that the future of being a freelance is teaching these days, anyway. All I'm saying is, sometimes it's valuable to take a step back from the webinars and the ebooks and the pressure to keep focussing on actually getting there first.  You can still be successful without writing an ebook.

Let me know what you thought of this post, and if you got hung up on this kind of content like me, too. (Oh, and I hope you like the lettering I drew for these pictures! I probs won't be writing an ebook on how to do it any time soon. ;))