My Minimal Jewellery Collection

minimal jewellery

Recently I've had a bit of a change of direction style-wise. It mostly happened when I went to Japan and realised that 90% of all people there (including the grandmas) were cooler than me. I was inspired by the loose, comfortable and more minimal style that people had going on, and I had a bit of a mission of eradicating all my tight and uncomfortable clothing when I got home! I also began to latch on to minimal jewellery.

I've never been much of a jewellery-wearer & when I did buy jewellery it was flashy and novelty. However, now I'm hooked on clean, simple jewellery that you don't have to worry about - it goes with everything. The best thing is when I can forget about it for a few days but not have it strangling me in the night.

Just before I wrote this post, Happiness Boutique contacted me asking if I would like some earrings to review. I said yes, seeing as the email was so well-timed.

I had a browse and saw that a lot of their jewellery was costume-y, but there were a few simpler pieces that I liked. The designs are bigger than I anticipated, particularly the leaf-shaped ones, so I might save them for dressier occasions. However, I love the wishbone ones which I think are still simple enough for everyday wear. They came in really lovely packaging though, and I'm glad to have a small drawstring bag to keep them safe.

Necklaces minimal jewellery

Left: Oh My Clumsy Heart Middle: Gift from my sister, don't know! Right: Oh My Clumsy Heart

Rings minimal jewellery

Left: Gift from Martin, not sure where from! Middle: Twisting Silver Right: Amelia Hales


Left & Middle: c/o Happiness Boutique Right: Twisting Silver


I' surprised by how much silver I have - I always thought I was a gold kind of girl.

I'm really looking forward to building up my collection a little more, particularly with handmade and/or independent places. Let me know your favourites in the comments, and check out the links for the talented individuals who made them.