The Illustrated Christmas Collection

illustrated christmas collectionHey everyone! So, I've been a little quiet over here on the blog - we missed Your Weekly Reminder and my other usual content, but it was all for a good cause! On Friday I launched my Illustrated Christmas collection in my shop. It has a fancy, festive header, some considerable layout tweaks and some new products for available that I'm really proud of. I have been working all week on all those little finishing touches which make it special, but take such a frustratingly long time! I just wanted it to be done! illustrated christmas collection

Now it's all done and you can browse my choice range of Illustrated Christmas cards, gift wrap and decorations. The day after launching I had to run off to work, and then the day after that I had to head to Bird in Borrowed Feathers, so I have had zero time, once again, to write any blog posts - we'll see how the coming week goes! I guess I need to thing about batch-writing posts for times such as these.

For now though, I'm prioritising my uni work as it took a bit of a back seat last week, and we'll see where I get to with the blog this week!

Make sure you head over to my shop to get your hands on the Christmas Collection.