Your Weekly Reminder #8

Your Weekly Reminder

Hey people! It's Your Weekly Reminder time again - and this week it is about doing it your way.

Yes, I realise that the phrase is slightly cheesy/ doesn't really roll off the tongue, but stay with me. (I also cannot get 'I did it myyyyyy waaaaaaaaaaay' and 'you can go your own waaaaaaaaaaaay' out of my head every time I look at this.)

I decided on this week's message while staring at a picture of my work on pinterest - it was one from my mini sketchbook post of that very first double page. I'm pretty enamoured with the 'hello' I wrote, which wasn't free-handed, I had sketched out the shape first, and then 'traced' over in ink. I've mentioned it before, but I prefer this method to prevent smudging the left side as a left hander.

I do think it's important to get better at free-handing for confidence's sake, but I realised I was really proud of how it had turned out when I 'traced', just doing it the way best suits me. I think it's dumb that we sometimes obsess over the 'right' way to do stuff creatively, when if you can figure out the best way for it to work for you.

My boyfriend Martin reminds me of this - he holds chopsticks 'wrong', but he still gets the food into his mouth with pretty impressive speed. His method still works, so who is he really upsetting by doing it 'wrong'? Nobody.

It also reminds me of something I was told at uni about screen printing. They said, once you have your screen ready with the design on, you can spend hours taping up every little speck and dot to get a super-clean screen printed image, but then what is the point in screen printing it? You may as well spend half the time, making it up in vectors on the computer.

Creativity in general is so much about individuality, about a personal 'stamp' that can't be replicatable - why are we so obsessed with doing it the way everyone says we 'ought' to? (Picasso didn't and look where he got!) Aside from where health and safety is concerned, I think we should be more interested in making things than in making sure we are doing it the 'correct' way.

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