Your Weekly Reminder #7

your weekly reminder

Hey everyone, here's this weeks Your Weekly Reminder! So recently I've been thinking a little more about self-care. The past few weeks have been kind of rough for me in terms of confidence. (Which was like, super-boosted when my boyfriend accidentally insulted this piece!)

I wanted to share a reminder for you this week that is not directly about creating but about the mentality behind it.

I'm talking in the literal sense too (any blogger or freelancer anywhere seems to talk about self-care in as far as taking breaks, stepping outside, getting enough sleep..) But I also wanted to remind you to take care of yourself up in your own mind, too.

I think every creative gets that crappy feeling in their heart when they realise how much incredible work they are surrounded by. Watching your work sitting there stagnant and not selling can be disheartening, wondering what on earth you're doing wrong really sucks, and the sheer amount of work we are exposed to with Instagram, Pinterest and the like can make you feel like you will never be up to scratch.

I wanted to remind you this week to look after yourself in these times, and maybe take a few steps to quelling those sad thoughts: unfollow accounts that don't make you feel happy, or spend a little less time scrolling. Spend some more time practicing and focussing on your own craft rather than brooding over other people's work.

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