The Botanical Homeware Edit

botanical interiors

Hey people! So I mentioned recently in my product photography tips post that I like to style my product photos in a 'home' context - I like to create the sense of the style I imagine them in. I decided I would play this up a bit more and share some homeware styling inspiration for some of my pieces. I will only be posting the odd week - I didn't want to get too repetitive or compromise all the fancy-pants advice I'm handin' out over here on this blog.

botanical interiors

  1. Vintage Classroom Containers - Present and Correct
  2. Cheese Plant A3 Print - Made by Yours Truly!
  3. Ridged Swann Mug - Anthropologie
  4. Printed Wool Blanket - Zara Home
  5. Cheese Plant Cushion Cover - H&M Home
  6. Two Tier Side Table - Urban Outfitters Home
  7. Agave Planter Cosy - The Safari Collective

This edit was inspired by my Cheese Plant print. I went with a slightly bohemian, Botanical vibe. I am obsessed with these classroom containers and I pinned them to my home board so that one day I can justify having them in my studio. I felt like their fluid measurements suited my fancy botanical homeware theme. I was imagining a "living room" setting and I found this gorgeous throw with a floral, botanical style elements which I could just imagine draped across a chic sofa.

I thought this little wire table would be a great place to stack lots of lovely trailing plants, maybe swaddled in these gorgeous planter cosies! I think this is such a good idea for all those ugly pots that plants usually come in.

I hope you liked this little edit - let me know what you think in the comments.