Autumn Illustration Collection | 2015 Launch!

Annie Dornan-Smith Autumn Collection

Wooooooooooo hoooooooooooo!! The time is finally here! I'm super excited to bring to you, this years Autumn Collection! (are there enough exclamation marks there!) This is my first real 'collection' - which is something I'm going to talk about in an up-coming blog post - and I'm so, so excited to reveal it to you today. (If you didn't already know, as well as blogging, I'm an Illustrator and have an online shop where I sell my illustrations!)

I have been working long and hard since July to get this figured out, with virtually no income, no loan (no overdraft) and a craft fair to be at two days before the launch. I have been pretty tireless in working towards this goal and I have to say that I am so so proud of it. Amongst the prints, you will also find: a selection of handmade and painted pots for baby succulents, cards, notebooks and wrapping paper. I've shared a few picks from the collection below.

The collection is a selection of illustrated stationary and homeware designed to be a fresher take on the traditional feeling of 'autumn'. The subject matter focuses more on the 'home' - snuggly blankets, houseplants, animal companions and recipes - but a light colour palette and experimentation with marks bypass the typical 'autumn' hues in favour of a lighter, more minimal feel.

"Cheese Plant" A3 Print

"Palm Frond" A3 Print

"Chat" A6 Notebook 

 "Cake!" Happy Birthday Card