Your Weekly Reminder #5

Annie Pancake // Your Weekly Reminder #5 Hey everyone, it's Your Weekly Reminder time again. If you looked at my instagram last week or read my recent post about sketchbooks , you will see that I have been working on practicing florals. So I thought this week's reminder would be as good an opportunity as ever to get a little more practice in.

So this week's theme is pretty obvious - start starting! I can be bad for this - it is so easy to keep putting stuff on a to-do list, ready for when you have more time, or more materials, or for you to have had more practice. But sometimes, you just have to do it now. 

This weekend peeps I want you to start that thing that you've been waiting for or putting off for whatever reason. Sometimes things are scary and you can't quite bring yourself to feel ready to do them. Sometimes things just don't seem like a priority. But when you're a creative, it's important to keep honing and practicing what you do. Just doooo it (to quote Shia LaBeouf) It doesn't matter if you only spend 5 minutes starting. It doesn't matter if you spend 5 hours and hate it all. What matters is that you sucked it up and just started.

So get to it. And then tag it on Insta with #yourweeklyreminder so I can look at it and then be your personal cheerleader.