Your Weekly Reminder #4

Annie Pancake // Your Weekly Reminder #4

Hey everyone! I'm back with the 4th Your Weekly Reminder. (If you've not heard of it by now, check out my original post) This phrase came to mind when I was working on a comission recently. I was thinking about how when we draw, we are so terrified of messing it up that we draw it all out in pencil first.

I used to hate drawing in pen because I just knew I would screw it up.

So I resolved to practice more without pencilling stuff in first. Maybe not whilst I'm working on commission work, but certainly in my sketchbooks.

But it occurred to me that this phrase worked really well for a Your Weekly Reminder entry, because it could resonate with more than just me. Painting without lines means we have to have the confidence in our capability to put the first splotch of paint on the canvas, or the first stitch, the first cut in the clay.

Even more so, It serves as a reminder that we have to practice, in order to build that confidence to make marks without relying on the safe, erasable pencil. So, I took this week's phrase and tried to create it in my most painterly script. And I may have used pencil first. (Hey! I'm left handed! Everything is harder..)

So I wanted you to take this week's post as a reminder to be brave, and to hone your craft so that you can break away from the safety of the lines!

Now I'm done with preaching, if you want to check out some of the (potentially less-preachy) other posts in this series, you can browse the Your Weekly Reminder tag, and I will encourage you to take part in the #YourWeeklyReminder hashtag, where you can share what you're working on.