Your Weekly Reminder - #2

Annie Pancake// Your Weekly Reminder  

Hi everyone! So, today I'm bringing you this weeks Your Weekly Reminder. If you didn't see already, I also turned this post into a hashtag over on Instagram, #yourweeklyreminder. It is so exciting to see people starting to use the hashtag.

This week's reminder is a little more general, instead of just aiming it at the pen-to-paper creators out there. I wanted this weeks reminder to  remind us that creating for the sake of creating is actually okay! A lot of the time I think we feel that our work has to have a reason, or a meaning. or even that it has to be good.

It's not unreasonable to have high standards for yourself and your work, but it's important to remember that we are always learning and practising. We shouldn't feel ashamed or disheartened because a piece didn't come out right. We are always learning from our mistakes, and so often we find great new ideas from our mistakes.

Even more than this, we should try to stop outside influences affecting whether we feel our work is good. I believe everyone has their own style, and you will find others who appreciate it. We shouldn't be ashamed of what we choose to make, or write, or draw, as long as we are happy creating it.

I made this piece with a soft, felt tipped brush pen and coloured fineliners. I'm not super happy with it, but that's the whole point of sharing it here anyway.

Check out my post and tag what you're working on this week, or leave a comment and tell me about it. Here's to another week of inspiration, kids!