A Look At My New Sketchbook

Annie Pancake // A Look at My New Sketchbook

Hey everyone. So today I thought I would share a new sketchbook I started the other day. I always have a million sketchbooks on the go. I have always kept notebooks and sketchbooks. I am addicted to lists and when I was younger I would doodle constantly, lying on my belly on the floor of my bedroom. Back then, even though I didn't keep  proper 'arty' sketchbooks, I always searched for 'plain' notebooks (all the pretty ones are always lined!) and had so many. All my lists and doodles would be scattered between my collection.

Nowadays, I am similarly obsessed with sketchbooks. I am not as drawn by the pretty covers as I used to be (try painting on most of Paperchase's paper!) but by sizes, shapes and the weight of the paper. Still, a pretty and good-quality sketchbook is an excellent bonus.

Annie Pancake // A Look at My New SketchbookI usually have a few types of sketchbook:

1. A big, A3 cartridge paper pad. Boring cover and a glued spine, easy for ripping sheets out. When I hand in my sketchbook at uni, I don't actually work in a sketchbook but bind up all of my loose sheets.

2. Notebooks, mostly for lists. Usually small or lined and fit in my bag. We also use these at uni for feedback from tutors.

3. Emergency sketchbooks. Plain ones I panic-buy from the uni Art Shop, and eventually start using just because it is nearby and I need something to scribble on momentarily.

4. Journal-like sketchbooks. I have had a lot of fun with these before. I don't chronicle feelings and stuff, I just work through making sure every page is a kind of 'picture', rather than just scribbling stuff in pencil and never going back to it. I tend to have a lot more time for this over the holidays.

Annie Pancake // A Look at My New Sketchbook

I have just realised how much detail I can apparently go into over sketchbooks. Would you like a post about sketchbooks maybe?!

SO, back to the story, I have a lot of the first three kinds. It makes for a big messy stack of loose pages that don't really mean anything, and random pieces of work scattered about in ugly sketchbooks.  So, I started another 'journal' type sketchbook, just for practicing florals and leaves, etc.

I'm really happy with how it's started out, so I thought I would share the first few pages with you.

Annie Pancake // A Look at My New Sketchbook

The main aim of the sketchbook is to:

- practice drawing flowers, and expand my imagination a little beyond 'roses and peonies'.

- same as above for leaves, stems, etc.

- explore how the two go together - do they overlap, are they garlands or sprigs or posies?

- practice colour combinations - I am going to paint some more backgrounds and force myself to choose bloom and leaf colours that compliment, therefore developing my ability to choose colours.

Annie Pancake // A Look at My New Sketchbook

I chose these adorable little sketchbooks ('babes', by Chloe Hall) due to their small, portable size. I also love working small, with my super tiny paintbrush. It makes for quick practice, and experimenting with fiddly details. The best part is that they are made with strong cartridge paper, excellent for painting.

I'm actually obsessed with the first 'hello' double page already, and can't wait to get started on the rest.  Let me know what you thought! Do you do 'themed' sketchbooks/ will you try one now? Share how you 'do' sketchbooks and your ideas in the comments, or tweet me!