How to Get Rid of Flickr's HTML Embed Function

Annie Pancake// How to Get Rid of Flickr HTML Embed

So, I noticed the other day this new function that Flickr has starting using: Flickr HTML Embed. I use Flickr to host all the images on my blog, and recently they "updated" the 'get html' function and replaced it with "embed html". 

I did a bit of research and I believe that the point of it was to make Flickr a bit less of a 'photo-stealing' site. Instead of simply providing HTML for the image, Flickr's HTML now shows a large 'flickr' logo with a title and username. This is great for people looking to share and curate other's work whilst providing easily-clickable, embedded links back to the creator. For a blogger looking to host my images to go alongside my content, it is not so great. 

I don't really want Flickr to link back to my Flickr page, it is rife with all the random photos and sidebar images and stuff that I host for here on my blog. I want to use it for hosting, but not as a nice gallery of all my work. That's what my portfolio is for

So, I decided how to show you how to quickly remove this 'HTML Embed' feature so you can carry on as normal. 

Here's the Flickr code straight from Flickr:

Annie Pancake// How to Get Rid of Flickr HTML Embed

Simply all I do is find and delete "data-flickr-embed="true" at the start ....

and then find and delete everything between <script> and </script> at the end. 


Voila! Business as usual. I hope this post helped some of the less HTML literate out there (not that I'm HTML literate, lol) If you have an even better way of remedying this, please share in the comments!