Blogs to Follow Outside of Your Niche

Annie Pancake // Great Blogs Outside Your Niche  

Recently, I have gotten into participating in the #cbloggers chat over on twitter. I have loved being a part of this chat, mostly because it's not a swamp of links like some of the *cough* other blogger chats around.. But also, because we talk about more than just links/analytics/SEO. I guess I feel at home because we're always talking about finding inspiration or what is creativity or something equally arty and cool like that.

One thing that I find myself bringing up/suggesting as a means of inspiration in chats is reading outside of your niche. I know a lot of business bloggers also suggest this. Speaking as an Illustrator, I think it really helps me to not get too influenced by work I admire, and stops me getting wrapped up in what I think I should be doing, based on what everyone else is doing.

Obviously I'm just as bad as the rest of us at finding an amazing illustrator on Instagram and pressing that Follow button as fast as possible, but it is helpful to have some blogs outside of your field that can inspire the way you do things, but not necessarily what  you do. I hope that makes sense. For example, I love and consistently sing the praises of Sophie of The Private Life of a Girl. She's a small business owner and a creative, so her posts are often helpful and inspiring, but she's not an illustrator so my work isn't directly influenced by stuff she posts.

Now, I obviously do not know every one of your niche's/fields, so I thought I would provide you with a list of creative bloggers in various 'niches' (or without a niche at all!) for you to check out and maybe branch out of your zone!

The Private Life of a Girl - Small Business/Creative/Handmade Jewellery (and fashion and lifestyle and home and books and everything because she is Wonder Woman)

Jenny Purr - Creative Business Content Creation Coach (alliteration bomb)

Comadiary - Fine Art/Graphic/ Exhibition/ Creative

Fall For Diy - DIY everything

Tori's Tales - A personal blog, I guess?! Tori takes events and feelings that happen in life and somehow writes about them gorgeously.

Nora Finds - Vintage Fashion ( written about meaningfully)

My Fair Pixel - Retoucher and Fine Artist

Ophelia Everdene - Lovely creative writing written in character.

Zie Darling - Brand Mentor & Designer

Obviously there are a load of other niches I would love to cover, but a gal only has a limited amount of time to spend reading blogs, yanno? Therefore, if you have any amazing suggestions - maybe crochet blogs, or quilting blogs or whoever is doing amazing arty stuff out there - give them a link in the comments to make this a great resource  of great bloggers!