Stationary I Bought In Japan

Annie Pancake// Stationary I Bought In Japan

So I got asked to share what I bought in Tokyo, stationary-wise, and I have no idea why I hadn't thought of doing that myself, (thanks Polly!) but here it is: What I Bought In Tokyo : Stationary Edition. ;)

Nearly everything was from Tokyu Hands which, as I mentioned in my Shibuya post, is an enormous lifestyle shop that has an excessive amount of art supply and stationary floors. PLURAL. 

I had to be super restrained with money and space, so I just stuck to stuff I knew I couldn't get at home, even thought they had a rainbow array of different Posca pens, which I love.

Annie Pancake// Stationary I Bought In JapanFirstly, I bought a LOT of brush pens. I knew I wanted to pick up a lot of these as they are so hard to find at home (thought this is potentially a Nottingham/Coventry-based problem), so I got plenty to try out. I'm going to do a separate post on brush pens, but I did taake the liberty of doing a swatch of them all for your viewing pleasure.

From Left:

Pilot Supergrip Mechanical Pencil | Pentel Touch Brush Sign Pen | Copic Gasen Fude Brush Pen | Kuretake Bimoji Fude | N/a| Sailor Profit Brush Pen|

Sadly, I couldn't find the second to last pen anywhere, mostly because it's all in Japanese. Luckily though, this pen is a felt tip style one which is closer to the kind you can get at home!

Annie Pancake// Stationary I Bought In Japan

Annie Pancake// Stationary I Bought In Japan


Next, I got a handful of these coloured fineliners which are essentially the colour versions of the fineliners between me and my other graphic design friends. At 100 Yen per-pen (about 50p) they were a pretty good bargain and they fit nice and snugly in the gaps in my suitcase.

Annie Pancake// Stationary I Bought In Japan


Japan, naturally, is the land of Washi tape, so I had to be particularly restrained in this department. (Hello Shiba tape!) Still, I knew I woudn't use anything crazily patterned, so I just chose some simple coloured tapes by a brand called 'Maste'.

Annie Pancake// Stationary I Bought In Japan


Finally, I had to buy these ridiculously expensive Mt Fu Sticky Notes because how could you not? Especially considering the bonus bird-shaped stickers for extra-special notes. I also picked up this cute notebook from a shop in Shibuya/Harajuku that people were queueing to get into, called Asoko. Because, well, aubergines.

Let me know what you think of my spoils! I can't wait to start using them!