Why Finding My Target Audience Helped Me

Annie Pancake // Why Discovering Your Target Audience is Important as a Creative  

Recently I have been feeling uninspired  and a little frustrated creatively. It's hard to watch your work go unacknowledged and even harder to not doubt yourself as  a result of it. I had fallen into a situation where I was trying to will myself to have iddeas, and make beautiful, original work.

I had read a post by the wonderful Sophie of The Private Life of a Girl on How to Use Pinterest as a Business, and I realised I been 'doing' pinterest half-heartedly. Sophie suggested that the key is to curate your pins to your target audience - pin beautiful images and subtly incorporate whatever it is your selling into a board that shows you have put a bit of thought into it. (Well, thats my 'summary' anyway - go take a look for the proper  version, heh!)

I had always felt my target audience was myself, i.e: someone like me, which I suppose is probably true for a lot of creatives, so, I took Sophie's advice and weeded out the ugly pins, and the ones which I couldn't fathom a reason for me pinning them, and I began to give more care to what I pinned.

Annie Pancake // Why Discovering Your Target Audience is Important as a Creative

It was then that I realised that there was a misalign somewhere. I couldn't see where the pins of my work would fit, and I realised that it was because I couldn't picture my work on the 'gallery walls' of the minimal, midcentury-inspired homes I had pinned to 'HOME' and there I found the problem, or maybe, the solution!

I realised it wasn't enough just to throw up work that was 'pretty nice I guess'. I needed more of an 'aim', more of a reason and a drive to make a thing. Discovering this target audience was not actually who I thought they were has made me completely reconsider how I am working, and realise the kind of work I want to make. Now I'm working on focussing my work to this aim, which I hope to share soon! Meanwhile, I have popped a lot in the sale in my shop, so feel free to check out a bargain.