Why I Stopped Fashion Blogging

Annie Pancake // Why I Quit Fashion Blogging  

So, the longer-standing followers amongst you may remember the days when I was predominantly a fashion blogger. For those of you who were present for my re-brand (which co-incided with my switch to Wordpress) you might have seen my post Why I Decided My Blog Needed to Grow Up, which if you haven't basically outlined the rebranded Annie Pancake as a place that represented me as a professional and a creative, and aligned with my online shop.

One of these changes meant I cut out fashion blogging. I have been thinking about writing this post for ages, and I'm finally getting round to it. So: for anyone who's interested: Why I Quit Fashion Blogging.

I needed to figure out my 'niche' and who I was

So, like I said, I rebranded my blog. I needed to narrow my focus a little because I realised being a cover-everything blog could actually have been my downfall. Previously, I was trying to cram lifestyle blogging, creative blogging, travel blogging, food blogging and fashion blogging all into one blog. It's great to share your interests and what makes you 'you' in your blog - it makes you relatatble and becomes your 'niche', but I felt like doing everything pulled me in so many different directions that I wasn't moving forward at all. I didn't know what the 'point' of my blog was, and If I didn't know - why would anyone else know, and furthermore, why would anyone else care?

Almost instantly after I rebranded, I found that I was getting a much better response to blog posts and my followers were growing at an identifiable rate, rather than watching then trickle in painfully slowly, and then feeling sad when they frittered away back to the original number. My rebrand meant I (and my readers) knew who I was. I narrowed my field down to lifestyle & creative blogger. It meant I could blog about the creative things that my original field didn't seem to allow, and I could still blog about plants and cups of tea and books and whatever into the lifestyle field.

I was feeling pressure to look how my blog dictated I should look

Ok so this is such a stupid one, and I need to make it known that I am not trying to demonise the Fashion Blogging community in any way. This was more about my personality and my relationship with 'personal style'.

So, yeah, every time I posted, every time I shopped, I was looking to share outfits that I felt fit my original 'look'. Very dedicated and long-standing readers of Annie Pancake will remember the baby of this blog which was all about Vintage fashion. Whilst I had fun playing with that style and wearing beautiful 50s dresses, I found it very hard to make them look good on me. After a while I became pretty disenchanted with the style, but it had still instilled some 'rules' that I felt had to be part of my personal style. I believed I only liked to wear knee length skirts, and I had to keep some sort of retro feel to my clothes even if they weren't vintage, and that I always wore dresses.

It was stupid because I wasn't really looking at what I wanted to wear and not least wearing what made me feel comfortable. I was still trying to force the remnants of a style I didn't even wear any more, and my blog posts kind of reflected this discomfort. The bloggers I admired all wore stuff that looked dreadful when I tried to replicate, and I found myself conforming to a standard, which is so stupid when fashion blogging is all about your own personal style.

I was wasting money

So, linked to the previous point: I was buying stuff that didn't really fit with my other clothes, stuff that wasn't comfortable or convenient for a day in the studio, and ultimately I was wasting money. Not only that, but the blogging had made me fear the 'wearing the same outfit' thing even more than your average girl, so I ended up doing too much shopping and wasting money on stuff I half-liked for the sake of newness, and for stuff to post on my blog.

My heart wasn't in it

I guess this is the big (and final) one. I never got comfortable with posing in front of passers-by, and every blog post I would compare ceaselessly to other bloggers and wonder why I was doing it to myself. There are people who are super talented with their own style and these people are made for fashion blogging. I always felt like I couldn't get it quite right, and I guess by the dwindling follower count that they agreed with me!

Annie Pancake // Why I Quit Fashion Blogging

So, there it is, my reasons why! I've decided to leave fashion blogging to those who are really  good at it, and focus on what i'm good at. What are your thoughts?