My Japan Capsule Wardrobe

Annie Pancake // Japan Capsule WardrobeOkay, so this will be the last of the pre-Japan posts. (Then you can look forward to, yup, post-Japan posts!) I wanted to share a little more about what I'm packing for Japan, more specifically about the clothes I'll be taking. I know, this is not a 'fashion-blog' anymore, but I felt this was lifestyle relevant. ;)

 So I am not the best packer. I am usually the kind of person who has a huge bag full of stuff even just for the weekend. Some of my friends (and my sister) have that glorious ability to just chuck their ipad and some stuff in a rucksack and be prepared for a weekend. Not me.

However, this is my first real 'city break' and I knew I was going to want to buy so much stuff. I only have a medium-ish size suitcase, yet our baggage allowance is a wonderous 30kg, so I knew I had to leave lots of room in my smallish suitcase for all the crap & presents I wanted to bring back.

So, I decided I needed a 'capsule' wardrobe. Perhaps this is the beginning of me becoming one of those cool, minimal-wardrobe having people. (The dream is real, the reality is, well, not.) I would need numerous outfits that would be appropriate for:

- walking around Japan all day - suitable for stuffing myself with noodles - appropriate for 19-25degree weather.... - .... yet, 'rainy season'. - fitting into my suitcase without over-stuffing it

Annie Pancake // Japan Capsule Wardrobe

You'll notice there's a mostly blue, black and white theme running through almost everything (except, well, the bright red raincoat, haha!) which was kind of an accident, and kind of the result of this planning.

I included two bags, my Kanken for daytime, and my clutch for any quick trips to dinners or arcades (!!) I chose these because they're both 'statement' enough to work with all my other pieces, which are pretty simple.

I went with three jackets (yup, one isn't pictured because I just bought it, whoopsie! Maybe that minimal-wardrobe lifestyle is not yet in sight), one rain mac for y'know, all the rain we'll be enduring and two, drapey, snuggly cardigans to keep any chill off, but be light enough for the predicted temperatures. Again, red goes with black, blue, white and navy pretty well, so the rainmac is kind of a piece that goes with everything, and the shape of the cardigans means they will wrap nicely around jeans and not make my dresses look silly.

I chose three dresses (and another one to travel in), all smocky in shape to allow for comfort and food-babies. The black lace one I thought would be good for night times or maybe the GHIBLI MUSEUM (!!) All three of them I can switch-up with different shoes and jackets that will make for different looks (as well as my cool felt hat if I feel like trying to be Carrie for the day)

Speaking of shoes, I took three pairs, though I probably could have managed with two. They're all sturdy and comfortable, and I just brought the grey pair for variation!

I packed loads of tops because they are super light and go with like, all jeans. Obvs.

And finally, I packed a pair of Jeans for again, obvious reasons (& stretchy for food-babies), and also my black dungarees which I didn't include in the pics because they kept ruining all my beautiful flat lay arrangements, #bloggerproblems.

Oh, also I made sure to pack one plain, black bikini. We are hoping to get down to Hakone for a day of Onsen-hopping (volcanic hot-springs, earthquake-permitting of course) and some places require swimwear. I've read that a lot of people go in-the-nip, but I'm not sure if I can handle that!

I'll let you know when I get back if it worked out for me! For now, let me know what your tips for a capsule wardrobe are.

Annie Pancake // Japan Capsule Wardrobe