Why You Should Keep Plants

Annie Pancake // Why You Should Keep Plants Over Easter, I went home to visit my family & stay in my "old room" at Mum's. The "old room" is now occasionally the residence of some charming Guinea Pigs called Pippin & Merry, and a veritable rainforest (or uh, desert) of plants, the majority of which are succulents and cacti. This meant I ended up living out my long weekend surrounded by greenery, and the sheer joy it brought me made me realise how much I am turning into my mother's daughter.

I had to share the joy, so here are my reasons why you ought to keep plants about your home.

Annie Pancake // Why You Should Keep Plants

Plants require light..

Plants need light, humans need light. Seems stupid and obvious, but the presence of greenery in your house or on your windowsill means you have throw open the curtains and let the sunlight in. I find that sunlight generally makes for a more productive and cheerful me.

They need love and care

So puppies and cats are that pre-children step where you check you can look after a living creature before you commit to anything as intense as a human of your own flesh and blood, yeah? Well, plants are the pre-puppy step. If you can't keep a pot of Basil alive you're not ready for that dog yet.

Also, i'm growing sweet peas and lavender from seed on my windowsill and nothing prepared me for the immense delight when, after a few weeks of staring wilfully at barren pots of black compost, sprang forth a beautiful little green seedling that I had cultivated. MY PLANT BABIES! Now the plants in my house are thriving and I am filled with the new sensation of pride in my ability to not let a thing die, and in my newfound plant knowledge. I'm a responsible adult and I can DO THIS.

Annie Pancake // Why You Should Keep Plants

They clean the air

So these days we spend a lot of time indoors. This weekend I spent the ENTIRE WEEKEND in my house. Only Martin left once to fetch milk and fry-up supplies.

If you believe in the power of feng shui, you'll know that stale air is terribly bad chi and it is important to throw open your windows to keep the good vibes flowing. Even if you don't, you'll most probably know that plants suck in carbon dioxide (and other mingin' chemicals) and pump out that glorious Oxygen.

Anything to keep the air a little more oxygen-rich and "clean" sounds good to me, especially when it's freezing outside and you're stingy on the central heating. Here's a list of houseplants that were good enough for NASA. Good enough for spacepeople, good enough for me.

They're alive!

Personally I find the presence of living, growing and cells regenerating things ssuch a comfort. When I headed home I swung by IKEA and finally picked up a big Aloe plant, the first living plant to reside in my bedroom, and it's presence gives me happiness every day when I open the curtains.

do you keep plants? If so which ones, and should I have one too?