Things I'm Packing for Japan

Annie Pancake // What I'm Packing for JapanYou may or may not have heard that I've been planning a trip to Japan! If you're my friends, you have very much heard and are sick of hearing. I've been trying not to talk/tweet etc about it too much for fear of it reaching the point of nobody caring what I have to say, but there are a few posts that I wanted to write that I thought might be useful. This will be the first of a few posts pre-Japan, starting with things I'm packing for Japan.

I think this is my first proper adventure-y holiday in my life. I did a few of the 4-day ones with school where they pack everything into 48 hours, but we've actually got a decent amount of time to spend, and more importantly, we're doing it on our own! I knew we'd be doing a lot of walking, and that it also might be quite rainy, so I had to make some more practical purchases.

1. Fjallraven Kanken backpack, ASOS. I knew I would need a practical bag to lug around a camera and inevitably cram jackets, food etc into, so I made a backpack purchase. I erred on whether to get a Fjallraven because they are just so trendy at the moment and I wanted to be a hipster and buck the trend, but when I narrowed down my choices of brightly coloured backpacks, these still came out the prettiest. I got blue but I also really want the sunshine yellow and pink.

2. Muji Notebook for general notetaking etc. When in Japan, eh?

3. Japanese Phrasebook (Collins). I felt it important to at least have some idea of how to communicate in potential pressing situations, as it's not fair to expect Japanese to speak English, so our little phrasebook was a must. We'll probably only manage hello, bye, yes, no, thank you, sorry and toilet, but it's better than nothing!

Annie Pancake // What I'm Packing for Japan 4. Sunglasses, ASOS. I lost my beloved pair of Dior cat eyes in a very sad incident involving the 10 steps between Topshop and Urban Outfitters (never underestimate the General Public's ability to be completely conscience-less) so I needed a new pair of overly-flashy sunnies on the off-chance the sun comes out whilst we're there.

5. Bluebella Pyjamas, ASOS! I don't usually wear proper pyjamas at home, but I figured that since we're staying in an airbnb, it might be a little more respectful to get a proper pair, plus I have this paranoia that I would need to be wearing something half-decent in case of an Earthquake, so I got this little cotton pair. (Basically, just an excuse to buy stuff)

6. ANKER Power Bar. This purchase was Martin's, not mine, but he got one for us both because he is practical and I am frivolous. It's an extra battery that charges your phone, which I'm hoping will be a great investment as I want to take a lot of phone snaps, and we'll be using Google maps to help us get around. Annie Pancake // What I'm Packing for Japan

7. Plastic Rain Mac, Topshop. Because if it's going to rain the entire time we're there, I at least want to look cute.

8. My Nintendo DS and all of the best games. I guess this console is a little retro now, but I just feel like a 23 hour travel period will necessitate something other than the music-listening and book reading. I always fall back on my little games consoles for holidays, so it will probably be making an appearance on the soul-destroying flights there and back.

9. A sketchbook. Hopefully there will be some nights that we're not entirely exhausted from walking and jet lag, so I wanted to spend them journalling my inspiration in a little sketchbook whilst I'm there, before I get home to boring old England and forget about it all.

There's also some stuff I haven't got yet, but I'm planning to. Namely: - Earplugs (I just can't handle children) - Pillow & Eyemask (We're trying to beat the jet lag!) -Sensible trainer-type (?) walking shoes. I don't know what these will be but will need to go with dungarees, jeans and potentially dresses too. If you have any suggestions for these please leave a comment. At the moment i'm thinking some kind of more feminine trainer or Dr Martens??