Why I Decided My Blog Needed to 'Grow Up'


GrowthI'M ALIVE!

So, some people may have been wondering where on earth I have been for the past few weeks. I think probably just taking the vaguest glance at this blog will answer that question for you. Those who follow me on Twitter may have seen my complaining and discovered that I made the switch from Blogger to Wordpress.

It's supposed to take no more than a few hours to achieve but, as you can see, it has taken me like, three weeks. Its still broken in a lot of places (currently zero links from Pinterest work, but I'm slowly working on it.)

It's felt weird to not be blogging these past few days, but it was necessary to make the change. I realised there was a few reasons that I didn't feel comfortable with my old blog identity, so I took the blogger to wordpress move as the catalyst for a complete overhaul. Here's why.

I Needed a Cohesive Online Identity: I decided that my blog needs to reflect me as a 'grown up' and fit more in line with my shop. I've felt weird and uncertain about my blog for so long, and I finally felt it necessary to hone in and create one, smooth. flawless identity for myself online. As an aspiring designer and illustrator, it's important to be attracting the attention of people who would be interested in my work. If they make it as far as my website and blog, it needs to be clear exactly who I am, what I do, and the personality behind this blog. I left a fair few of my old posts behind, but I deleted a great many of my back catalogue of posts in order to create a more streamlined online identity.

I Was Clinging to My "Fashion Blogger" Identity: I was rarely feeling the fashion posts. I took photos and never used them, or I felt like there was no way I could ever keep up with the incredible fashion-related talents of Mermaidens, WishWishWish, Briar Rose and other bloggers I considered myself aspiring to.  That's not to say that I felt I had failed and so gave up, but I realised it was time to re-evaluate what I feel I'm good at, and more importantly, what made me happy. Fashion, clothes and shopping will still forever be a huge part of my life  as a means of outward expression, but it won't be taking as much of a precedent over the blog. That said, if I'm having a nice, confident outfit day, I'll probably be posting it to Instagram.

I Felt Guilty or Stupid for Posting Stuff That I Wanted to Share: I am becoming more and more involved in my illustration practice, and I have the beginnings of a humble little shop where I sell my prints, but I felt like wanting to share my work was intruding on my 'lifestyle & fashion' identity. It was not useful for me to try to be 'all things to all people', so I've identified what I truly love and decided to roll with it. I'll be posting more lifestyle and creative content from now on.

I also felt that whilst my blog might've been 'nice to look at' I didn't offer a lot of things for you to benefit from. I want to write more useful posts, instead of just look-at-me posts. (You know i'll still be blogging my upcoming trip to Japan, though!!)

This post is kind of a warning post, that the content will be slightly different than what I had been previously posting. I'll still be posting lifestyle content, but with the addition of more creative-geared content (think more drawing, photography and digital related tips!) and less fashion related. (Though I feel that 'What I'm Packing for Japan' still totally falls under Lifestyle. Cough. 

This is your opportunity to stay, or to go. I understand that there's a possibility that some follow just for the fashion posts, and won't be interested in the rest, in which case it might not be worth your time and Bloglovin' feed space to keep following. However, each of you that remain interested, thank you for following thusfar, I can't wait to inundate you with more of mmy ramblings forevermore!