Some Alternatives To Your Christmas Playlist: Mindy Gledhill

Annie Pancake // Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas I might be a little late to the game on this one. Last Christmas for me was all about 'A Very She and Him Christmas' and for the most part this year has been too, but a couple of days ago I happened upon an artist called Mindy Gledhill. I was perusing a playlist on Spotify called 'Folksy Christmas', which appealed to my love of pretty, twinkly, soft versions of traditional carols and an alternative to Wham and Shakin' Stevens. Not that I don't love both of them of course, but when you've been listening to the classics since mid-November it's nice to have a change. The whole playlist is mostly great, by the way, and I basically picked all the best ones off it to compile my own, streamlined version of the playlist, so if you're on Spotify, check it out.

At home my mum compiles a beautiful playlist of Medieval and traditional carols, sung by choirs and groups - The Medieval Baebes being a particular favourite - so what drew me in with Mindy Gledhill was her Patapan/Rejoice Rejoice Emmanual medley which is so beautiful when translated into her lilting voice and guitar. Check her out! I played it to my mum and Mindy's now been added to the Christmas Day playlist.

P.s I hope you like the little piece of calligraphy I did as a little accompanying image! I'm hoping to post once more before Christmas and then that's it!