Being an Art Freak, Why I Love Pens and Vikings Feeding My Addiction

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I think when you're a graphic designer, it's your destiny to accumulate an enormous collection (obsession?) of pens and bits of paper and material. I hate clutter, so this kind of thing is enormously at odds with my desire to not have random collections piling up around you (I didn't say I was tidy) because you end up completely unable to part with that lovely piece of packaging or lovely page from a magazine. Maybe those growed-ups have room for an incredible inspiration wall in their study, or studio, but at the moment my inspiration wall is confined to a small strip below my windowsill. In the same way, there is a longing to have every colour of those lovely markers you saw in the art shop, and a sort of desire for new materials and new ways to make things and discover, that is paramount as a creative person. You can then, imagine my delight, when checking my emails on the beach in a wifi cafe in Spain, John from Viking emailed me to see if, as a student blogger, i'd like to pick a selection of 'going back to uni' goodies. Browsing the website I was plunged into a pool of art-freaky wanting and I added everything in the whole world to my basket before painfully removing a pack of Posca Pens in favour of a Chisel Tip Sharpie.
I chose some things because I absolutely just wanted them (see the Faber-Castell brush pens) and some because I could definitely see where I could play and experiment with things. One slightly hilarious mistake I made, thinking I was ordering one gigantic chisel tip sharpie (Hello handwritten typography experiments and easy colouring-in) I actually ended up ordering an entire box so I had about eight. I shall never be without the ability to easily write enormous type by hand again. The scotch tape I chose for the same reason I love Washi Tape, they don't rip the paint off the wall, so they are fantastic for students if you want to put your pictures up without getting into trouble. I chose the sharpener because I lose one about every week somewhere in the studio and the paint pens were sheer lust and I can see them being the next pen collection I must have.
Though I wasn't paying for them - lucky me - I found Viking to be pretty great value and despite being 'office supply', a great source for lots of lovely markers and pens - and I imagine for more essay-based students, their printer paper would be a great shout! I actually often wonder where to get big packs of things like markers (I go through Fineliners like nobody's business) and also ordered from a art-department supply store earlier this week, so it's a great resource for arty peeps and crafters. Thanks Viking! I am completely obsessed with my giant Sharpies and have already aggressively written our house number on our new wheelie bin after someone took ours!

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